L’Oreal Paris – Volume Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara Review

Tearproof, rainproof, girlproof

Firstly, I have to start with an apology.. again! It’s not a very good excuse but I haven’t blogged for months due to tiredness etc with my pregnancy but I am now on maternity leave with just 2 weeks until I’ll be induced at 39 weeks due to complications. I am determined to get my beloved blog back up and running and I’m starting with the product that has been my best-freind in recent weeks!

I loved L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes when it first came out years back and I’m not sure how long the waterproof version has been available but whilst on the hunt for a good waterproof mascara I just couldn’t resist giving it a go when I bumped into it and it hasn’t let me down.

As an emotional pregnant woman a waterproof mascara is vital whether I’m at a tough appointment or the cinema with friends.., it’s bound to end with tears at some point. This beauty doesn’t budge at all and really is inductructible. Having said that it comes off really easily without scrubbing my poor deprived skin to pieces with a bit of makeup remover unlike some.

With many waterproof mascaras the end result seems to be ruined but this one leaves my lashes looking long, full of volume and gorgeous… and it lasts all day. I only do 2 coats and my lashes look incredible. I struggled to get a good photo today.. my skin is awful.. thank you hormones. But below is the one I did get.

KODAK Digital Still Camera


It’s also a great price and seems to be lasting me a good while! The brush is also fantastic, it’s not so big that you make a mess but it’s the ideal size to coat all your lashes in one swoop.. giving an even and beautifully natural look, with no clumping!

RRP: £10.99, http://www.superdrug.com/search?q=million+lashes&searchsubmit=Search

I’m hoping to blog a few times a week again now so see you again soon!

Beverly Hills Formula – Perfect White Black Toothpaste Review


Since being pregnant and not being able to have whitening treatments keeping my teeth white is an ongoing battle. That’s until I was approached and asked to review Beverly Hills Formula’s brand new whitening, ant-aging toothpaste. The thing that intrigued me most is that fact that it isn’t even white, it’s black!

Beverly Hill Formula Perfect White Black Toothpaste contains activated charcoal which is an active ingredient known to whiten teeth, help combat plaque, gum disease and bad breath. It claims to give you a whiter, younger looking smile in just 5 minutes.


Despite the toothpaste looking ever so slightly unappetising it actually tastes pretty darn good. It has a fresh minty flavour that lasts a good few hours after brushing. I very gingerly done my first brush but after using it for the past 2 weeks it’s become normal for both my husband and I and we no longer even notice that it is black!

I have been using it for 5 minutes day and night as suggested and have definitely seen a gradual improvement to my teeth over this time. They are whiter, brighter and the very few stains I had are much lighter. I have also noticed a reduction in plaque between brushing which is great news for my lunchtime brush at work… it’s often not required.

Dr Martin Kinsella, a qualified dentist and cosmetic doctor, who has practices in London, Cheshire, Yorkshire and Majorca, said: “I’ve tried the Beverly Hills Perfect White Black toothpaste and found it to be effective in removing stains and helping to achieve a whiter, brighter smile.

“Obviously, as with all oral hygiene products the whitening results aren’t going to be as dramatic as a cosmetic treatment. But to get a gradual whiter smile and to maintain any professional whitening treatment that a client may have had, I can recommend Perfect White Black.”  

I can whole-heartedly agree with Dr Kinsella’s comments on this toothpaste, it has been the perfect solution to my ban on whitening treatments and it’s perfect to maintain a white smile between treatments too. I am definitely going to continue to use this product and I promise if you can get over the fact that it’s black you’ll love it too.

For further information see www.beverlyhillsformula.com

Benefit Cosmetics – Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation Review


I’m back!! And I have loads of exciting reviews coming your way for 2014. I probably still won’t be blogging daily bit I’m aiming for 2-3 times a week until I’m on maternity leave from my normal job.

Today. I bring you a lovely offering from one my all-time favourite brands – Benefit Cosmetics. I was gifted this for Christmas by my wonderful husband after complaining about my dry, acne prone, pregnancy skin. Somehow he even managed to get a perfect match for my skin tone..  He’s amazing!

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation is totally oil-free… preventing nasty acne outbreaks. It also has an SPF 25 so will take me into the warmer months quite nicely… I’m already dreaming of lovely sunny afternoons! Despite being oil-free it also has hydrating benefits and gives luminous skin due to its light-diffusing properties.

This foundation not only looks fantastic on, it has also dramatically improved the state of my skin in the 3 weeks since Christmas.  I have at least 80% less dry patches and no blemishes at all, my skin now looks happy even on the days I’m not proudly wearing this foundation.


It is a light to medium coverage but is easily buildable. My colleague has also been using it and found it to light a coverage for her until I suggested combining it with Pore-fessional and building it up. I find it a perfect coverage as it is natural-looking and flawless, it also lasts all day without a problem when used with Pore-Fessional as a primer.

It is quite pricey at £25.50 but you really don’t need a lot, it is quite runny but don’t be put off, it makes a small amount go further and the coverage is much better than it looks like it will be. I highly recommend this foundation, especially if you suffer with combination skin!

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P.S. I’m having a baby boy!

Big news and an excuse!

Good afternoon!!

I’m back and with an announcement! I’ve been away because I’ve been so tired and needed to trust my body and rest. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you will now know that I’m pregnant with my second child. I am 14 weeks tomorrow and it’s really taken all of my energy just to get through my working day lately. I am starting to feel better so this blog will be up and running properly again this week! Yay!! I won;t update my pregnancy on here after this but if you would like to follow my progress I have a blog dedicated to my babies over on wordpress so feel free to follow me there! bumptobambino.wordpress.com. I’ll leave you witha  few photos from the past 2 weeks :)

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TONI&GUY HairMeetWardobe Volume Plumping Whip Review

1Perfect for glamorous lazy days

Having been so tired and not very well lately I’ve spent most of my days sporting a pony tail for the simple reason it’s easy and quick to do in the morning. However, I can’t stand the Croydon-facelift kind of pony tail, it gives me a huge forehead, hair that looks limp and greasy and zero self-confidence.

It’s often difficult to get a messy pony tail to look perfect… perfectly messy. To get it right you need volume but straight hair and that’s when I decided to give TONI&GUY’s Volume Plumping Whip a go. This is another offering from Lulu Kennedy’s HairMeetWardrobe range and I’d style the messy look I create using this with skinny jeans, heels and pretty top, maybe one with bow detailing.

It has the signature smell of TONI&GUY which I have come to recognise, notice and love in the past few weeks. It also has cute but glamorous packaging.

To use this I first comb my hair and add some TONI&GUY Smoothing serum to the ends of my hair. I then take a walnut sized amount of the whip and work it into my roots, I don’t just mean the roots at the parting either, get to as many of the roots as possible. I then blow dry without any attachments on my hair dryer. Then straighten as normal but don’t make it perfect, just a quick rough straighten will do, enough to remove frizz and large curls.

I then scrap my hair back into a medium height pony tail just using my fingers, to avoid my hair getting stuck to my head. This creates a loose messy look. The Volume Plumping Whip adds volume at the roots but leaving the pony tail sleek. Now my hair looks full of life and volume, even when in a pony tail.I also only need to do this every other day, on the second day I just scrap it back into the same pony tail as the day before, or I could even leave it straight if I’m feeling like it.

This product would be amazing at creating volume for straight and curly hair-down days as well as more structured and lose up-do’s. It’s a product I’ll never live without again!

Available from Boots for £7.19.

MeMeMe Cherub’s Blush Cheek & Lip Tint Stain Review

1Firstly, I apologiser for y absence recently, I have been very tired and quite ill but I’ll tell you more about that at a later date. But I’m back now but I’ll probably blog a few times a week rather than every day. I have so many items waiting reviews at the moment but this one is one I need to get out of my system first.

The MeMeMe Cherub’s Blush Lip and Cheek Tint Stain is not a product I love. I always try to find something good about every product I review and the only thing I can come up with for this one is that if you could get it to work well enough to leave it on it does last forever, and ever and ever, you get the picture.

It dries so quickly that it’s left a line on your cheek before you can put the brush down to rub it in. It also stained my finger tips after use and took me 6/7 hand washes through out the morning to get them back to normal. It is so difficult to use as a cheek tint which is a shame because it’d be lovely colour if you could get it right. I also tried to dot it but ended up with darker dots instead of a line, not a good look by anyone’s standards!

It’s also a nightmare on the lips, you can get it on there well and it does last ages seeing as you don’t actually want to rub it in but it dried my lips out and stung.

I’ve never heard of this brand before but this product has probably put me off and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone for any use. Unless of course you want to use it for some gruesome face paint, that’s about all it’s good for I’m afraid.

RRP: £5.50, http://www.mememecosmetics.co.uk/cherub-s-blush-cheek-lip-tint

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TONI&GUY Infusion Straightener Review


I never thought I’d give up on my GHD’s until these arrived on my desk ahead of the HairMeetWardrobe Hangout.

Firstly lets look at the technical side of things. They have a variable heat setting which ranges from 160˚C to 230˚C. They also have auto shut off, a 3m salon cord and are guaranteed for 2 years. There’s also a handy little clip that holds the plates together for easy storage.

These straighteners are also pretty unique in that they have a special compartment that you add TONI&GUY Heat Protection Mist too. Tis is optional and it can be used with or without. I use it with, it steams out the Heat Protection Mist directly onto your hair whilst you straighten it. This means every strand of your hair from root to tip is protected. The Protection Mist also smells amazing so the process of straightening hair just got so much lovelier. There is a switch on the side to turn the Infusion function on/off and a little rubber button inside which activates the steam when switched to on.

The plates on these straighteners are 32mm wide and make it really easy and quick to straighten long hair but my husband has also been using them successfully on his short hair. They are also ceramic plates which I find defeats frizz really well.

The results when I use these is way beyond what I expected, at first they kind of reminded me of those ones we had in the 90′s with the water compartment to steam your hair straight, like an iron and let’s face they weren’t that great and they just damaged your hair. My hair after using these is left straight and frizz free but not flat like when I use GHD’s, it looks healthy and has a shine to it that it doesn’t normally have. It has volume and body and I can leave it how it is or go in with a style having prepped using these.

I also love the temperature options as I can look after my hair a little bit better and use a lower setting when I’m just re-doing it for a second day. I also haven’t managed to burn myself with these yet as they casing doesn’t heat up and there is plenty of it surrounding the scorching plates. I am 100% in love with these and they get a Naked Beauty Seal of Approval!

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Toni&Guy HairMeetWardrobe Google+ Hangout

Yesterday I had the privilege of taking part in the Toni&Guy HairMeetWardrobe Google+ Hangout with their global hair ambassador, Mark Hampton.

It was streamed live across the internet and is now available to view on YouTube too. Four other beauty bloggers also took part from around the world. In the half hour session the new HairMeetWardrobe range designed by Lulu Kennedy was introduced. I love the whole concept that your hair and outfit should go well together, an edgy outfit requires and edgy style.

There are four style ranges with HairMeetsWardrobe, Classic, Casual, Creative and Glmaour. A Facebook vote took place and it was decided that we would be creating a Casual look with Mark Hampton. The chosen look was Tousled Waves and it was a simple and beautiful look to create.

The full tutorial is available in the video link below but it basically consisted of using the HairMeetWardrobe Sea Salt spray and blow drying then creating lose uneven waves using a tong or wave.

An outfit was then chosen by presenter Ruth which was a leather pencil skirt and batman t-shirt which suited the hair perfectly for a quirky and relaxed look.

It was such a fun experience and I learnt a new style which I love! I’ll do a full review on the Sea Salt spray and recreate the look for you over the weekend.

Check out the full video… and ignore my awful voice!

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Avon Eyeshadow Primer Review


I’ve recently been converted to the world of  eyelid primers and when I got this one free in a deal Avon were doing I was looking forward to giving it a go.

I am so impressed with how hard this primer works. It retails for £7 and you get a good size pot so it will last a long while. It comes in a light beige shade which actually looks quite nice on its own too.

It creates a lovely matte and smooth base to apply eyeshaddow. It doesn’t matter which eyeshaddow I use, cheap or expensive they all look more pigmented with this underneath. It also lasts ages, when all the rest of my makeup has faded away I still have perfect eyes.

It stops messy shadows from falling all over the place too as it really grips them in place and prevents fall out. It’s also been a dream to my sensitive eyes, I’ve found many eyeshadow primers agitate them but this doesn’t affect them at all.

On a last note it feels amazing, it’s like I imagine touching clouds would feel like. It’s so soft and moisturising that it leaves my eyes feeling cared for instead of abused. I highly recommend this product for an affordable eyeshadow primer.

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Nica Shoulder Bag in Beautiful Sage Review

1Those of you who know me well, know that I love bags, so you can imagine the excitement when www.Bagable.co.uk asked if I’d review one of their bags. I was immediately on the website wasting an entire hour having a browse through a plethora or wonderful bags, purses, backpacks and suitcases. Everything was a really good price too and they offer next day shipping, it’s like bag heaven for me!

I opted to review a Nica handbag the whole range really stood out to me and it was an incredibly hard decision choosing just one, I was caught between 3 bags for a good part of the day. You can see the full range here. This brand have a range of incredibly pretty bags that appealed to the girly girl in me but if something more elegant is your cup of tea you’re sure to find your perfect match, there’s literally hundreds of bags to choose from.

I was eventually drawn to the sensational sage of this bag, you can see the full details here. I’m still a huge fan of bird print to so the adorable little birds on the scarf bow swung my decision pretty easily.


The bag is really good size, I have been able to fit my beauty essentials, rather large Cath Kidston purse, diary and even my bible into this bag with space to spare. It has a fantastic front pocket too which has double safety measures, a magnet lock and then a zip. It also has a zip pocket and a phone pocket inside.


This bag is simply beautiful, the floral lining which ties in with the outer bag colour is simply stunning.  All bags should look this good inside; it’s a special treat for the owner to enjoy. I also love the sage outer colour with is unusual and so pretty. It is bang on trend this season and will look amazing with autumn browns. It also has an elegant snake skin texture handle in stone which matches the zips too. The textured pattern on the front of the bag is also eye-catching. This bag feels very earthy and nature inspired which I love.


I’m so thrilled with this bag, it’s a fantastic everyday bag that feels really well made and I’m convinced it will stand the test of time. Bagable have also kindly given me a 10% discount code to share with you all, just enter NAKEDBEAUTY10 at the checkout. I already have my eye on several new bags… shh don’t tell my husband!

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*This bag was given for me to review but as normal this has not affected my opinion. All reviews are entirely honest.